Vanessa Carmona


Vanessa Carmona graduated from Regents University in London, England with a MFA in Writing for Screen & Stage. She spent several years as a production coordinator to agencies and on film productions alike and in her final year was hired as a Producer at Reuters in New York City where she worked on international productions and communications. She also received a special recognition from the BBC for her comedy pilot “Everything That Happened” which won the annual BBC Writers Room contest and led to a series option with a UK Production Company, and opened the doors for prestigious writing program opportunities, including an all-expense paid trip to Los Angeles, where she obtained literary representation.

Her growing resume landed her an opportunity to work for a San Francisco production company, where she served as a leading in-house Producer and conceptualized and produced ads for clients like Verizon, Oracle, Logitech, Stanford Medicine, and Pure Storage to name a few.

In 2017, she launched Story Camp, a diversity-first production company focused on championing new and emerging writers and directors passionate about telling diverse stories. This new role allows her to both write and produce creative content that is immersed in inclusive representation.